A Montreal Podiatrist

After receiving his doctorate of podiatric medicine at Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine in Pennsylvania, Dr. C. Antoine Sabongui, podiatrist returned to his home town of Montreal to begin his private practice.

Why Montreal? "Because podiatry is an area that is under-served in today's market, particularly Montreal and Quebec."

"Foot Pain is NOT Normal."

This is an important message that Dr. Sabongui, podiatrist wants everyone to know.

The belief that foot pain is normal is so prevalent within our society that some practitioners, unaware that there are treatments for foot conditions, merely tell their patients to change their shoes when they complain of foot pain. Only through education can we dispel the popular misconception, or myth as it has become, that foot pain is normal.

If Your Feet Could Talk...

Your feet mirror your general health; foot ailments may be indicators of more serious medical problems. Don't ignore persistent foot pain or other foot problems. When people attempt to diagnose and cure their own foot ailments or neglect their feet altogether, major foot problems can result.

Value foot health and enjoy life to its fullest!

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